SQLite COM Wrappers / Visual Basic DLLs

SQLite CVSTrac

COM Wrappers / Visual Basic DLLs

  • SQLitePlus is a commercial COM Wrapper DLL and Database Manager that extend the functionality of SQLite to add important features such as stored Procedures, on-the-fly Encryption and Compression, and an ADO-like object model. Also includes an excellent Database Manager/Query Analyzer and drop-in ActiveX Grid for displaying Datasets." Note that it requires the SQLite DLL in addition to the SQLitePlus COM DLL.
  • dhSQLite, free ADO-like COM Wrapper. Current Version 1.2 (engine-version 3.4.0)… great performance, builtin encryption, optimized for disconnected Recordset-scenarios, super fast serialization/deserialization with ‘UpdateBatch’, Connection-, Recordset-, Field- and Command-Objects, DB-Schema-Obj-Model, builtin VB-Function-Set (DateDiff, DatePart, Format$, etc.), userdefinable Functions/Collations, FTS2-support, Overridden Like, Upper, Lower and NoCase means UTF8-awareness without ICU … combinable with a free COM-RPC-Server for usage in real AppServer-scenarios in your LAN or over the Internet (due to builtin protocol-compression and -encryption).
  • SQLiteDB is an ActiveX DLL built on top of SQLite (i.e. you only need to distribute SQLiteDb.dll) and is designed as an ADO replacement. Available in free and commercial versions. Although the site has not been updated recently, the developer does release frequent updates via the message board. The current SQLiteDB Professional build is based off of SQLite 3.4.0. The demo (built on SQLite 3.3.6) comes with plenty of examples and sample applications.
  • SQLite3VB – Making SQLite VB Compatible. Teaches how to modify the SQLite C source code to make it VB-friendly. You end up with a non-COM DLL that you can call from a VB Classic project
  • LiteX is another COM DLL wrapper for SQLite3 (ATL) (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 3.x compatible, wrapper source code provided, useful sample code, works very well)
  • Pivotal Solutions’ non-COM DLL dynamically binds to SQLite DLL at runtime and so doesn’t need recompiling everytime a new version of SQLite is released, ie. you’ll need to distribute both PS’ DLL and SQLite’s DLL.
  • AGS_SQLite SQLite wrapper 1.1.0 for Visual Basic is based on SQLite 2.8.13, and includes source + sample program. The AGS_SQLite.DLL file contains all of the functions that SQLite.DLL has, so all you need is AGS_SQLite.DLL. Geckoware was formerly known as AGSoftware.
  • SqLite2X : Free ActiveX wrapper with sources (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only)
  • SleepSleep sqlite wrapper for vb6 – wrapper dll coded using fasm. Come with wrapper dll source code, a vb6 "sqlite browser" project files to show how to use the dll and a .bas file for you to attach on your project to use the dll instantly. (sqlite 2.x only)
  • {http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jveritecontribs/DAOSqlite.zip DAO like Sqlite Wrapper for VB6} (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only) (2005-Nov-14, [Michael B. Johnson] No sample code on usage that I could see.)
  • qrfSQL2 Database Engine (July 2007: dead link)
  • SQLITEDB by Javier S. Bermudez (July 2007: dead link)
  • ADOSQLite VB6 wrapper requires AGS_SQLite.dll from ag-software (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only) (July 2007: dead link)



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SQLite CVSTrac

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