show inventory [raw] – Taking Inventory on Cisco Devices

Taking Inventory on Cisco Devices

Taking Inventory on Cisco Devices

November 14, 2006

Another quick, random tip to save you time.

Have you ever wanted to quickly identify your router or switch platform as well as it’s installed modules and the serial numbers of each?  Well there is a simple command that you can use to access all of this data on a Cisco IOS device:

#show inventory [raw]

NAME: "2621XM chassis", DESCR: "2621XM chassis"
PID: C2621XM-2FE       , VID: 1.0, SN: JAD08750FQV

NAME: "WAN Interface Card – DSU/CSU T1 Fractional", DESCR: "WAN Interface Card – DSU/CSU T1 Fractional"
PID: WIC-1DSU-T1=      , VID: 1.3, SN: 23454759  

NAME: "WAN Interface Card – Serial (1T)", DESCR: "WAN Interface Card – Serial (1T)"
PID: WIC-1T=           , VID: 1.0, SN: 12923102  

NAME: "Enhanced High Density Voice Network Module", DESCR: "Enhanced High Density Voice Network Module"
PID: NM-HD-2VE=        , VID: 4.0, SN: JAB0654301H

NAME: "2nd generation two port FXS voice interface daughtercard", DESCR: "2nd generation two port FXS voice interface daughtercard"
PID: VIC2-2FXS=        , VID: V  , SN: FOC08430E19

NAME: "One port T1 voice interface daughtercard", DESCR: "One port T1 voice interface daughtercard"
PID: VWIC-1MFT-T1=     , VID: 1.0, SN: 22774302

Notice how it retrieves the "Official Name" "Decription"  "Part Number" and "Serial Number" of each of the modules installed in this router. 

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