use MXXMLWriter and SAXXMLReader to make a well formated xml file (indent)

    Dim xmlDoc As New DOMDocument30
    'Create the SAX reader.
    Dim rdr As New SAXXMLReader30
    'Create the XML writer.
    Dim wrt As New MXXMLWriter30

    'Load the DOM document.
    xmlDoc.async = False
    xmlDoc.Load  App.Path & "\books.xml"

    'Set properties on the XML writer.
    wrt.byteOrderMark = True
    wrt.omitXMLDeclaration = True
    wrt.indent = True

    'Set the XML writer to the SAX content handler.
    Set rdr.contentHandler = wrt
    Set rdr.dtdHandler = wrt
    Set rdr.errorHandler = wrt
    rdr.putProperty "", wrt
    rdr.putProperty "", wrt

    'Parse the DOMDocument object.
    rdr.parse xmlDoc

    'Show the results in the text box.
    debug.print wrt.output
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