xwrt 3.2 options to get good compression results

Large Text Compression Benchmark (read more)

xwrt 3.2 (Oct. 29, 2007) is a dictionary preprocessor frontend to LZMA, PPMVC and lpaq6 as well as a standalone preprocessor. Option
-l14 selects lpaq6 option 9 (1542 MB).
-b255 selects 255 MB memory (maximum) for building the dictionary.
-m96 selects 96 MB buffer during compression. (Higher values cause out of memory error).
-s turns of space modeling.
-e40000 limits the dictionary size to 40000 words.
-f200 limits the dictionary to words that occur at least 200 times. Compression Compressed size Decompressor Total size Time (ns/byte)Program Options enwik8 enwik9 size (zip) enwik9+prog Comp Decomp Mem Alg Note
------- ------- ---------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----- ----- --- --- ----
xwrt 3.2 -l14 -b255 -m96 -s -e40000 -f200 18,679,742 151,171,364 52,569 s 151,223,933 2537 2328 1691 CM

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