Sawmill – Universal log file analysis and reporting

Sawmill LITE presents your data faster than any other log file analysis solution. It removes many of the configuration options available in the Sawmill PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE editions and in their place substitutes a default (popular) configuration giving you access to the data you need right away and with the minimum of fuss. New users of statistical reporting tools will find this particularly helpful, as will sawmillanyone who places a high value on simplicity of operation. When you are ready to take the next step to a more configurable or more powerful product, or simply to add more profiles, then you will appreciate the ease of a Sawmill upgrade. Adding profiles or moving up to the next product is as simple as purchasing a new key, with ‘profile’ compatibility throughout the range of Sawmill solutions.


Sawmill LITE may be run on any of the Supported Sawmill platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, Macintosh), and can be run either locally (on the ‘server’ being analyzed) or remotely (on any system you want, anywhere you want). When run as a remote application Sawmill LITE will automatically download the target log files, process them, and either publish the reports using its integrated web server, or email the reports to wherever you need them.

Sawmill LITE vital signs:

* Report drill down (Zoom Filters)

* Clickstream Web Visitor Reports

* Geographic Location reports to the City level via GeoLite City™

* Integrated Sawmill Database

* 855 supported log file formats

* Single log source (SFTP, FTP or Local File)

* Automated Scheduler with support for nightly database updates

* Single and 5 profile license packs (Upgrade path to Professional or Enterprise)

* Language support for English and other supported languages.

Sawmill Downloads


via – Sawmill – Universal log file analysis and reporting.

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