exiftool – exctract thumbnail / previewimage

exiftool -thumbnailimage -b -w %tmp%/104D300S/%f.%e 104D300S
exiftool -previewimage -b -w %tmp%/104D300S/%f.%e 104D300S

batch example: enumarate all subfolders
for /D %i in (???D300S) do @echo %i & exiftool -previewimage -b -w %tmp%/%i/%f.%e %i

exiftool -r -previewimage -b -w %tmp%/%d/%f.%e ???D300S

ExifTool by Phil Harvey (Read, Write and Edit Meta Information!)

exiftool -r -previewimage -b -w %tmp%/%d%f.%e ???D300S
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1 Response to exiftool – exctract thumbnail / previewimage

  1. Phil Harvey says:

    Why do people insist on putting exiftool in for loops? The -r option is designed for this purpose. The following command will accomplish the same thing as your for loop (except that sub-subfolders will also be processed):

    exiftool -r -previewimage -b -w %tmp%/%d%f.%e ???D300S

    There is a big speed advantage in only running exiftool once like this.

    The only thing I’m not sure about is the expansion of environment variables in your shell, since you obviously don’t want “%d%f.%e” to be expanded.

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