Checkpoint – Using dbedit to create and configure network, host and group objects


Enter Server name (Press ENTER for 'localhost'):

Enter Administrator Name: fwadmin

Enter Administrator Password: abc

You are prompted: Please enter a command, -h for help or -q to quit:

dbedit> create network internal_net

dbedit> modify network_objects internal_net ipaddr

dbedit> modify network_objects internal_net netmask

dbedit> update network_objects internal_net

internal_net updated successfully.

dbedit> create host_plain web_server

dbedit> modify network_objects web_server ipaddr

dbedit> update network_objects web_server

web_server updated successfully.

dbedit> create network_object_group net_group

dbedit> addelement network_objects net_group '' network_objects:internal_net

dbedit> addelement network_objects net_group '' network_objects:web_server

dbedit> update network_objects net_group

net_group updated successfully.

dbedit> print network_objects net_groupObject Name: net_group

Object UID: {4F21F24F-9886-4603-84C7-A67F8B1FE2E6}

Class Name: network_object_group

Table Name: network_objects

Last Modified by: fwadmin

Last Modified from: taiko

Last Modification time: Wed Oct 08 19:29:08 2003

Fields Details

: Name: internal_net (Table: network_objects) Name: web_server (Table: network_objects)

color: black


member_class: network_object


type: group

dbedit> quit

via Using dbedit to create and configure network, host and group objects.

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