Tuning OSPF

InformIT: CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I > Tuning OSPF.

Tuning OSPF

OSPF has several parameters for tuning timers, controlling broadcasts, and controlling routes and link-state propagation. The following list shows the syntax of the more common parameters adjustable for OSPF, explained in the text that follows.

Router(config-if)ip ospf hello-interval 
Router(config-if)ip ospf dead-interval 
Router(config-if)ip ospf retransmit-interval

Use the ip ospf hello-interval interface command to change the hello timer for OSPF. The default value of this command is interface-dependent. By default, hello packets are sent every 10 seconds on broadcast and point-to-point networks, and 30 seconds on NBMA networks. All neighbors residing on a network and area should have equal hello timers. The dead-interval and wait timer automatically are changed when the hello interval is changed.

Use the ip ospf dead-interval command to change the dead interval received by this interface. The timer has a default vault of four times that of the hello timer, 40 seconds for broadcast and point-to-point networks, and 120 seconds for NBMA networks. Recall that the dead interval is the time that has to pass before a neighbor receives a hello before declaring it “dead.”

Use the ip ospf retransmit-interval command to change OSPF retransmission interval. All routers in the area should have the time set to the same value.

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