FolderItem.ModifyDate property – changing ModifyDate of a file in vbscript

FolderItem.ModifyDate property.


<script language="VBScript">
    function fnModifyDateGetSetVB()
        dim objShell

        set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")
        if (not objShell is nothing) then
            dim objFolder2
            dim ssfWINDOWS

            ssfWINDOWS = 36
            set objFolder2 = objShell.NameSpace(ssfWINDOWS)
            if (not objFolder2 is nothing) then
                dim objFolderItem

                set objFolderItem = objFolder2.ParseName("NOTEPAD.EXE")
                if (not objFolderItem is nothing) then
                    dim szReturn

                    szReturn = objFolderItem.ModifyDate
                    objFolderItem.ModifyDate = "01/01/1900 6:05:00 PM"
                end if
                set objFolderItem = nothing
            end if
            set objFolder2 = nothing
        end if
        set objShell = nothing
    end function
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