HTTP pipelining

HTTP pipelining

Out of all the major browsers, only Opera has a fully working implementation that is enabled by default. All other browsers HTTP pipelining is disabled or not implemented.

  • Internet Explorer 8 does not pipeline requests, due to concerns regarding buggy proxies and head-of-line blocking.
  • Mozilla browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey and Camino) support pipelining, however it is disabled by default.[6][7] Pipelining is disabled by default to avoid issues with misbehaving servers.When pipelining is enabled, Mozilla browsers use some heuristics, especially to turn pipelining off for older IIS servers.
  • Konqueror 2.0 supports pipelining, but it’s disabled by default.
  • Google Chrome does not support pipelining in the stable release but it is currently in unstable builds and Chromium as a launch parameter.



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