BackupPC: Network Backup with DeDuplication

BackupPC: Network Backup with DeDuplication.

Network Backup with De-Duplication

BackupPC is a utility to backup multiple systems to a disk-based file system. The key feature of BackupPC is file-level De-Duplication. Combined with an open source compression scheme, this saves a tremendous amount of disk space by backing up only one copy of identical files (even if the file had different names on different systems), and enables synthetic backups to reduce network traffic.

A common usage case is to have a presentation file or other business document stored on a number of computers that are backed up to a central server. With BackupPC, this file will be backed up and stored only once; and updated if ever changed. BackupPC uses open & standard formats and platform tools for creating and storing backup archives, in line with various Zmanda products.

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