Couchbase – Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database

Couchbase | Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database.

Couchbase Server

Couchbase Server is a simple, fast, elastic, open-source NoSQL database. Couchbase automatically distributes data across commodity servers or virtual machines. Built-in managed object caching enables apps to read and write data with sub-millisecond latency. With no schema to manage, Couchbase effortlessly accommodates changing data management requirements. It is easy to deploy and manage in production with its advanced monitoring and admin GUI.

Couchbase Server is 100% compatible with memcached.  Each Couchbase Server cluster listens on the standard memcached port and works out of the box with any application code written to use memcached.  Couchbase Server is compatible with memcached, because components of memcached are part of Couchbase Server.  Couchbase then also contributes back to the memcached server and client library communities.

By design, Couchbase Server is simple to install, setup and manage. Binary packages are available for download for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.






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