fw monitor command reference

fw monitor command reference.

# fw monitor
Usage: fw monitor [- u|s] [-i] [-d] [-T] <{-e
expression}+|-f <filter-file|->> [-l len] [-m mask] [-x offset[,len]]
[-o <file>] <[-pi pos] [-pI pos] [-po pos] [-pO pos] | -p all [-a
]> [-ci count] [-co count]

Round up of options:

-m mask , which point of capture is to be displayed, possible: i,I,o,O
-d/-D debug output from fw monitor itself, not very useful IMO.
-u|s print also connection/session Universal ID
– i after writing each packet flush stdout
-T add timestamp, not interesting
-e expr expression to filter the packets (in detail later)
-f filter_file the same as above but read expression from file
-l <len> packet length to capture

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