IIS 7 Output Caching

Configure IIS 7 Output Caching : Optimizing Performance : Managing and Maintaining IIS 7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site.

Internet Information Services 7 (IIS 7) includes an output cache feature that can cache dynamic PHP content (or output from your Microsoft® ASP.NET or classic ASP, or other dynamic pages) in memory. This can yield enormous performance improvements, since the script used to generate the dynamic output does not need to run for each request. The cache can vary the output that is cached based on query string values as well as HTTP headers sent from the client to the server. The cache is also integrated with the Http.sys kernel-mode driver, improving performance.

You can also configure the caching feature in the local Web.config file, which is found in the content directory. Below is a sample of the configuration needed for a ShowStockPrice.asp page with a varyByQueryString parameter of * (meaning cache all unique variations of querystring parameters) and a timeout of 1 second.

     <location path="showStockPrice.asp">     
             <add varybyquerystring="*"location="Any"
               duration="00:00:01" policy="CacheForTimePeriod"            


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