List of PHP editors

List of PHP editors

Free editors


  • Aptana Studio – Eclipse Based IDE, able to use PDT plugins, visual JS Editor. Open-Source, Free project. (Community edition merged in).
  • Bluefish – A multipurpose editor with PHP syntax support, in-line PHP documentation, etc. With GVFS, supports SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and SMB.
  • EclipsePHPEclipse and PHP Development Tools projects. With additional plugins supports SVN, CVS, Database modelling, SSH/FTP access, Database Navigation, Trac integration, and others.
  • Editra – Versatile Open source editor. Syntax highlighting and (partial) code completition for PHP + HTML and other IDE-like features like code browser etc.
  • Emacs – Advanced text editor. The nXhtml addon has special support for PHP (and other template languages).
  • Geany – Syntax highlighting for HTML + PHP. Provides PHP function list.
  • GoInCloud – An powerful online IDE for developing PHP projects with online php debugger.
  • jEdit – Versatile Free/Open source editor. Supports SFTP and FTP.
  • Netbeans IDE – A dedicated PHP coding environment and complete integration with web standards. Supports SFTP and FTP. SVN support can be added using plugins.
  • SciTE – fast, PHP syntax highlighting, compiler integration, powerful config via Lua API:LUA
  • Vim – provides PHP syntax highlighting.


  • Alleycode HTML Editor — Freeware editor with syntax highlighting for both php and html.
  • CodeLobster – Free PHP IDE
  • ConTEXT — Freeware editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Crimson Editor — Lightweight editor. Supports FTP.
  • Dev-PHP IDE — Lightweight IDE. Supports FTP & SFTP, CVS & SVN, Multiple languages with highlighters, Xdebug, etc.
  • EditPad Lite – A freeware and simple editor with auto text indent.
  • Gizmo Editor – Freeware editor with syntax highlighting for php, html, css, java, and much more.
  • HAPedit – A free PHP Editor with intellisense support
  • HTML-Kit — Syntax highlighting, Supports FTP.
  • Intype — Lightweight editor. Alpha version.
  • Microsoft WebMatrix – A combined editor, server and publishing environment, syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Razor, c# and JavaScript and publishing through WebDeploy and FTP.
  • GoInCloud – An powerful online IDE for developing PHP projects with online php debugger.
  • Notepad2 — Simple editor with syntax highlighting
  • Notepad++ — Supports FTP & SFTP via plugin; syntax highlighting, and one of the most used editors in Windows[citation needed]
  • NoteTab — Broad editor, allows you to have multiple tabs open for different files, has FTP support, comes in two trial versions (NoteTab Standard, NoteTab Pro) and one free version NoteTab Light. NoteTab Pro highlights tags.
  • PHP Expert Editor
  • PHP Tools for Visual Studio – PHP syntax highlighting, real-time checking of syntax errors, code outlining and navigation features for Visual Studio 2010 and VS11.
  • Programmer’s Notepad
  • PSPad — Supports FTP; syntax highlighting.
  • Rapid PHP
  • tsWebEditor – Syntax highlighting and code hints for PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, (all in the same file even) and many more languages. Supports FTP; powerful user-defined keyboard for UTF, and so much more. Completely free.
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