Memcached component for classic ASP

Memcached component for classic ASP

set oMemcache = createobject("memcacheCOM.memcache")
Call oMemcache.addServer("")
Call oMemcache.addServer("mymemcacheserver.local:11211")
Call oMemcache.init()

Call oMemcache.set ("mykey", "myvalue", 3600)
wscript.echo oMemcache.get ("mykey")
Call oMemcache.delete ("mykey")

dim tTest(2) : tTest(0) = "aaa" : tTest(1) = "bbb"
Call oMemcache.set ("myArray", (tTest), 30)
dim tResult
tResult=oMemcache.get ("myArray")
wscript.echo tResult(0)
wscript.echo tResult(1)

set oMemcache = nothing
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