Quick Sort

Quick Sort.

 Public Sub QuickSort(ByRef lngArray() As Long)
    Dim iLBound As Long
    Dim iUBound As Long
    Dim iTemp As Long
    Dim iOuter As Long
    Dim iMax As Long

    iLBound = LBound(lngArray)
    iUBound = UBound(lngArray)

    'Dont want to sort array with only 1 value
    If (iUBound - iLBound) Then

        'Move the largest value to the rightmost position, otherwise
        'we need to check that iLeftCur does not exceed the bounds of the
        'array on EVERY pass (time consuming)

        For iOuter = iLBound To iUBound
            If lngArray(iOuter) > lngArray(iMax) Then iMax = iOuter
        Next iOuter

        iTemp = lngArray(iMax)
        lngArray(iMax) = lngArray(iUBound)
        lngArray(iUBound) = iTemp

        'Start quicksorting
        InnerQuickSort lngArray, iLBound, iUBound
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub InnerQuickSort(ByRef lngArray() As Long, ByVal iLeftEnd As Long, ByVal iRightEnd As Long)
    Dim iLeftCur As Long
    Dim iRightCur As Long
    Dim iPivot As Long
    Dim iTemp As Long

    If iLeftEnd >= iRightEnd Then Exit Sub

    iLeftCur = iLeftEnd
    iRightCur = iRightEnd + 1
    iPivot = lngArray(iLeftEnd)

    'Arrange values so that < pivot are on the left and > pivot are on the right
        'Find >= value on left side
            iLeftCur = iLeftCur + 1
        Loop While lngArray(iLeftCur) < iPivot

        'Find <= value on right side
            iRightCur = iRightCur - 1
        Loop While lngArray(iRightCur) > iPivot

        'No more swapping to do
        If iLeftCur >= iRightCur Then Exit Do

        iTemp = lngArray(iLeftCur)
        lngArray(iLeftCur) = lngArray(iRightCur)
        lngArray(iRightCur) = iTemp

    'Call quicksort recursively on left and right subarrays
    lngArray(iLeftEnd) = lngArray(iRightCur)
    lngArray(iRightCur) = iPivot

    InnerQuickSort lngArray, iLeftEnd, iRightCur - 1
    InnerQuickSort lngArray, iRightCur + 1, iRightEnd
End Sub
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