Quick sort

Quick sort : Array Sort

Private Sub QuickSort(ByRef Values As Variant, Optional ByVal Left As Long, Optional ByVal Right As Long)
  Dim I As Long
  Dim J As Long
  Dim K As Long
  Dim Item1 As Variant
  Dim Item2 As Variant

  On Error GoTo Catch
  If IsMissing(Left) Or Left = 0 Then Left = LBound(Values)
  If IsMissing(Right) Or Right = 0 Then Right = UBound(Values)
  I = Left
  J = Right

  Item1 = Values((Left + Right) \ 2, 2)
  Do While I < J
    Do While Values(I, 2) < Item1 And I < Right
      I = I + 1
    Do While Values(J, 2) > Item1 And J > Left
      J = J - 1
    If I < J Then
      Call Swap(Values, I, J)
    End If
    If I <= J Then
      I = I + 1
      J = J - 1
    End If
  If J > Left Then Call QuickSort(Values, Left, J)
  If I < Right Then Call QuickSort(Values, I, Right)
    Exit Sub
  MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical

End Sub
Private Sub Swap(ByRef Values As Variant, ByVal I As Long, ByVal J As Long)
  Dim Temp1 As Double
  Dim Temp2 As Double
  Temp1 = Values(I, 1)
  Temp2 = Values(I, 2)
  Values(I, 1) = Values(J, 1)
  Values(I, 2) = Values(J, 2)
  Values(J, 1) = Temp1
  Values(J, 2) = Temp2
End Sub


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