VBnet™ Applying and Understanding the QuickSort

Option Explicit
Public Sub QuickSortVariants(vArray As Variant, inLow As Long, inHi As Long)

   Dim pivot   As Variant
   Dim tmpSwap As Variant
   Dim tmpLow  As Long
   Dim tmpHi   As Long

   tmpLow = inLow
   tmpHi = inHi

   pivot = vArray((inLow + inHi) \ 2)

   While (tmpLow <= tmpHi)

      While (vArray(tmpLow) < pivot And tmpLow < inHi)
         tmpLow = tmpLow + 1

      While (pivot < vArray(tmpHi) And tmpHi > inLow)
         tmpHi = tmpHi - 1

      If (tmpLow <= tmpHi) Then
         tmpSwap = vArray(tmpLow)
         vArray(tmpLow) = vArray(tmpHi)
         vArray(tmpHi) = tmpSwap
         tmpLow = tmpLow + 1
         tmpHi = tmpHi - 1
      End If


   If (inLow < tmpHi) Then QuickSortVariants vArray, inLow, tmpHi
   If (tmpLow < inHi) Then QuickSortVariants vArray, tmpLow, inHi

End Sub



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