The onmousewheel event of JavaScript

The onmousewheel event of JavaScript.

<img id="slideshow" src="summer.jpg" />
<script type="text/javascript">
var myimages=[
var slideshow=document.getElementById("slideshow")
var nextslideindex=0
function rotateimage(e){
    var evt=window.event || e //equalize event object
    var delta=evt.detail? evt.detail*(-120) : evt.wheelDelta //delta returns +120 when wheel is scrolled up, -120 when scrolled down
    nextslideindex=(delta<=-120)? nextslideindex+1 : nextslideindex-1 //move image index forward or back, depending on whether wheel is scrolled down or up
    nextslideindex=(nextslideindex<0)? myimages.length-1 : (nextslideindex>myimages.length-1)? 0 : nextslideindex //wrap image index around when it goes beyond lower and upper boundaries
    if (evt.preventDefault) //disable default wheel action of scrolling page
        return false
var mousewheelevt=(/Firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent))? "DOMMouseScroll" "mousewheel" //FF doesn't recognize mousewheel as of FF3.x
if (slideshow.attachEvent) //if IE (and Opera depending on user setting)
    slideshow.attachEvent("on"+mousewheelevt, rotateimage)
else if (slideshow.addEventListener) //WC3 browsers
    slideshow.addEventListener(mousewheelevt, rotateimage, false)
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