jStorage – simple JavaScript plugin to store data locally

jStorage – simple JavaScript plugin to store data locally.

set(key, value[, options])

$.jStorage.set(key, value, options)

Saves a value to local storage. key needs to be string otherwise an exception is thrown. value can be any JSONeable value, including objects and arrays or a XML node.
Currently XML nodes can’t be nested inside other objects: $.jStorage.set(“xml”, xml_node) is OK but $.jStorage.set(“xml”, {xml: xml_node}) is not.

Options is an optional options object. Currently only available option is options.TTL which can be used to set the TTL value to the key ($.jStorage.set(key, value, {TTL: 1000});). NB – if no TTL option value has been set, any currently used TTL value for the key will be removed.

get(key[, default])

value = $.jStorage.get(key)
value = $.jStorage.get(key, "default value")

get retrieves the value if key exists, or default if it doesn’t. key needs to be string otherwise an exception is thrown. defaultcan be any value.



Removes a key from the storage. key needs to be string otherwise an exception is thrown.

setTTL(key, ttl)

$.jStorage.set("mykey", "keyvalue");
$.jStorage.setTTL("mykey", 3000); // expires in 3 seconds

Sets a TTL (in milliseconds) for an existing key. Use 0 or negative value to clear TTL.


ttl = $.jStorage.getTTL("mykey"); // TTL in milliseconds or 0

Gets remaining TTL (in milliseconds) for a key or 0 if not TTL has been set.



Clears the cache.



Returns all the keys currently in use as an array.
var index = $.jStorage.index();
console.log(index); // [“key1″,”key2″,”key3”]



Returns the size of the stored data in bytes



Returns the storage engine currently in use or false if none



Reloads the data from browser storage



Returns true if storage is available

subscribe(channel, callback)

$.jStorage.subscribe("ch1", function(channel, payload){
    console.log(payload+ " from " + channel);

Subscribes to a Publish/Subscribe channel (see demo)

publish(channel, payload)

$.jStorage.publish("ch1", "data");

Publishes payload to a Publish/Subscribe channel (see demo)

listenKeyChange(key, callback)

$.jStorage.listenKeyChange("mykey", function(key, action){
    console.log(key + " has been " + action);

Listens for updates for selected key. NB! even updates made in other windows/tabs are reflected, so this feature can also be used for some kind of publish/subscribe service.

stopListening(key[, callback])

$.jStorage.stopListening("mykey"); // cancel all listeners for "mykey" change

Stops listening for key change. If callback is set, only the used callback will be cleared, otherwise all listeners will be dropped.

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