Sorting JavaScript Object by property value

Sorting JavaScript Object by property value

>>>var maxSpeed ={car:300, bike:60, motorbike:200, airplane:1000,
    helicopter:400, rocket:8*60*60}
>>>var sortable =[];
>>>for(var vehicle in maxSpeed)
      sortable.push([vehicle, maxSpeed[vehicle]])
>>> sortable.sort(function(a, b){return a[1]- b[1]})
function sortObject(obj){
    var arr =[];
    for(var prop in obj){
                'key': prop,
                'value': obj[prop]
    arr.sort(function(a, b){return a.value - b.value;});
    return arr;// returns array

var list ={"you":100,"me":75,"foo":116,"bar":15};
var arr = sortObject(list);
var names =[{name:'Will'},{name:'Bill'},{name:'Ben'}];
names.sort(function(a, b){



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