DataStax Community Edition – a free distribution of Apache Cassandra™

DataStax Community

DataStax Community Edition is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra™ made available by DataStax. There’s no faster, easier way to get started with Cassandra than to download, install, and use DataStax Community Edition.

DataStax Community consists of several components:

  1. The most up-to-date version of Apache Cassandra
  2. OpsCenter Community Edition
  3. Sample application and demo database
  4. Smart installers for Linux, Windows, and Mac

Latest Version of Apache Cassandra

DataStax Community Edition provides the latest database release from the Apache Cassandra community for those wanting to stay on the cutting edge of Cassandra development.

DataStax OpsCenter Community Edition

DataStax Community Edition supplies a free edition of DataStax OpsCenter, the #1 visual management and monitoring solution in use today for Apache Cassandra. With OpsCenter, developers can manage and monitor their Cassandra clusters in point-and-click fashion from any location and from nearly any device (desktop, laptop, iPad).

Fastest Path from Install to Development

DataStax Community Edition provides smart installers for Linux, Windows, and Mac that get you up and running with Cassandra and DataStax OpsCenter in minutes. A sample database and application are also included to showcase how a Cassandra data model is constructed and how applications connect and interact with a Cassandra database.

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