Saving files locally using IndexedDB

Saving files locally using IndexedDB (Windows).


      if (!window.indexedDB) {
        if (window.mozIndexedDB) {
          window.indexedDB = window.mozIndexedDB;
        else if (window.webkitIndexedDB) {
          window.indexedDB = webkitIndexedDB;
          IDBCursor = webkitIDBCursor;
          IDBDatabaseException = webkitIDBDatabaseException;
          IDBRequest = webkitIDBRequest;
          IDBKeyRange = webkitIDBKeyRange;
          IDBTransaction = webkitIDBTransaction;
        else {
          document.getElementById('bodyElement').innerHTML = "<h3>IndexedDB is not supported - upgrade your browser to the latest version.</h3>";
          return false;
      } // if
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