Comparison of lightweight web servers

Comparison of lightweight web servers

A list of notable lightweight web servers follows:


Server Creator/Developer Operating Systems Development Language Free software Software license Size (kB) of .tar file[1] Last release version Release date
Cherokee Álvaro López Ortega WindowsMac OS XGNU/LinuxSolarisBSD C Yes GPL[2] 16440 1.0.18[3] 2011-01-19
Hiawatha Hugo Leisink POSIXUnixLinuxBSDOS XQNXWindowsHaiku[4] C Yes GPL 2[5] 2380 8.6 2012-10-31[6]
HTTP File Server Massimo Melina (aka rejetto) Windows Delphi Yes GPL 600 2.2f 2009-02-17
IIS Express Microsoft Windows  ? No Closed source 3985 7.5 2011-01-18
KLone Koan Logic Srl Most platforms CC++ Yes BSD 130 3.1.0 2012-09-05
lighttpd Jan Kneschke Unix, Linux C Yes BSD[7] 3520 1.4.31[8] 2012-05-31
Mongoose Sergey Lyubka Windows, Unix, Linux C Yes MIT 117 3.3 2012-09-23[9]
Mongrel2 Zed A. Shaw Unix, Linux C Yes BSD[10] 1186 1.8.0 2012-07-26[11]
Mongrel Zed A. Shaw Unix, Linux Ruby Yes GPL 2 or Ruby License[12] 400 1.1.5 2008-05-22[13]
NanoHTTPD Jarno Elonen Java enabled, including mobile Java Yes Modified BSD 33 1.25 2012-02-12
nginx NGINX, Inc. Unix-like, Windows C Yes BSD 3960 1.2.2[14] 2012-07-03
Perlbal Brad Fitzpatrick Any OS with Perl Perl Yes GPL / Artistic 590 1.73 2009-10-13
Resin Server Scott Ferguson UnixWindowsMac OS X JavaC Yes GPL 190873 4.026 2012-02-29
thttpd Acme Labs Unix C Yes BSD 406.0[15] 2.25b 2003-12-29
Tntnet Tommi Mäkitalo Unix C++ Yes LGPL 1705[16] 2.0 2011-08-10
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