Build Your Own Cheap iSCSI SAN for ESX Server

Build Your Own Cheap iSCSI SAN for ESX Server.

Option #1 – OpenFiler

The first option I have found is OpenFiler. This is an open-source “storage management operating system”. In fact, Openfiler takes the Linux OS and makes it into a SAN controller. It can all be configured with a web browser and, even better, it is a free download. It takes about 10 minutes to install (probably much longer to actually configure). In fact, you can even download a working VMware virtual disk image of OpenFiler. It is  promoted on the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace but you can also download it from

Here is my Openfiler Web management interface:

SAN Melody Lite – Option #2

A company called Datacore creates a number of storage server products that create, what they call, “Server Virtualization”. Their SANMelody software can turn a Windows Server into both a Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI SAN Server.



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